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  4. mine not workin also.

    doesnt show the bar that load to 100%

  5. I do not wish to write a public message on my own feed... thank you very much.



  6. helo.I got the godfsther tool,but i cant send to mi4,it showing just 7 mi4.Also from FN i cant send truks and trains in waves,doesnt show them

    1. Harlock


      hello clau 


      i herd u been a bad dog :)

    2. Don Lorenzo

      Don Lorenzo

      na faq he is a bad dog for sure :))

  7. hey boss,

    Your account security is important to our team, and we want to ensure the community is aware of best practices so your account is safe and secure.

    It’s important to never share your account information with others, including friends and crew members. Violation of account sharing policy includes buying and selling accounts from other players. Not only is account sharing against the Terms of Services, but it also increases the vulnerability of your account and may lead to it becoming tampered with. Also, please recognize that RockYou employees and forum moderators will never ask for your password, The use of third party tools may also compromise your account. Usage of such prohibited tools are known to cause issues such as Diamonds “missing” on the account, march issues, or phishing account information. 

    but in this case we have to do, apperently you have received suspicious information on your account wich will cause a breakdown of your firewall, that's why we have appoint a moderator to investigate the matter, all we need to have is your security information :emailadress and password, . you have also make sure all subpages are closed. we will take over the program for a moment: 1 à 2 hours it will take.

    We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience in The Godfather: Five Families, so please we will do everything to  keep you account safe

    - The Godfather: Five Families 



    Something to fear?

    1. Matthias Huber

      Matthias Huber

      its a fake please give no email or passwort in mail

  8. Tiestoale My iduser is 2506377  realm is 166  I deleted all history, cache and cookies and have latest version and can't see the program. Please Help and Happy New Year    https://prntscr.com/dpvos5  

  9. Well hello Fritzy, how's it goin?

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    2. Goldi
    3. Goldi


      is that u

    4. Frenchy


      Is that you?  A blank screen?  hahaha!!

  10. Anche a me eèsparito il tool nn leggo l inglese spiegatemi cosa devo fare X favore 

    1. saimon73


      si io sono in attesa di qualcuno che risponda :)

    2. De Gennaro Giacomo

      De Gennaro Giacomo

      E si stessa situazione speriamo bene haha?

  11. Ciao Ale

    da pochi minuti che ho aggiornato mio chrome ma il tool rimane al 5% ti mando schermata 


  12. Hey Professor 


      How do I get the Power Tool?/




  13. All i Know is Nothing At ALL

    What's Already Understood Does Not Need To Be Explained

    1. Giulia


      Hello Compoton,
      I am waiting for someone to check my donation I sent on May 28, but after a few weeks and still have not received any answer, you can ask if you need other documentation?

  14. Ciao come mai non vedo piu' lo strumento?


  15. Ciao Ale 

    scusami ma il tool non funziona piu'? 


  16. how much would it be dollars to get all my servers on 

    1. Greg Martin

      Greg Martin

      Im need to know how to make my advisors grow more rapidly

  17. hey you still provide the GF5 bot????

    1. larry


      ok sorry i been away a  few weeks. but I'm back. if you do not yet know how to make unlimited cash . i will show you how. 

      First you must have two accounts. on same server. then you will need to open up two Tabs, signing on to both accounts. ! per tab. then Minimize Both tabs side By side so you can see the march time an map of your other accounts hood. 

      so you will need to put away any defense you may have out, then when you send a march to farm your other account. i have 100k trains, and ii am able to make 30 bil at a time. . so when you send your trains or trucks . with enough troops to get over wall. you will need to watch the march time. as soon as the march time gets to 3 seconds,. you will move all cash an resources from the hood you are about to farm, what will happen is you will hit the hood getting all the cash an resources in it. an at the same time you will move the cash an resources. the game does not register the movement of cash and resources for about 2 to 3 seconds. so in that time you farm the one hood while moving the cash an resources.

      Now i have moved both of my Main, an alt account next to each other so it takes less then 1 min for this to happen. you do not want to be on the game waiting 10 min or so , for your farming march to land that sucks

    2. mujju313


      think this one is fixed ...i heard on the forums ...i for 1 couldnt get it to work .....nyother i can use...

  18. ciao tiesto sono vip ho fatto tutte procedure ma non mi carica si blocca al 5% ma come mai???


  19. Ciao Tiesto, domenica 28 ho fatto una donazione per diventare utente vip, come mai ancora non ho l'account attivo? ci sono problemi.

    grazie e buona serata

  20. ciao tiesto ti ho inviato due mail per diventare utente VIP, sono due perchè in una mancava la ricevuta della donazione, inserita ovviamente nella successiva. Ciao grazie.

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